Here’s What You Need To Know About Laser Treatment For Scar Removal

When Henry V of England was a young man, he received an arrow in the face during a battle. The arrowhead got stuck in his cheek and although it removed successfully, the scar on his face was such that all his portraits only show him from one side.

Everyone understands that scar tissue can be distressing, so not surprisingly there are treatments which can lessen the effect. Here are some of the things scar removal winter park fl professionals will make sure you understand before you start treatment.

Scars can be reduced and minimized, but they don’t disappear

Lasers will prevent the scar tissue from being raised, they will cut down on pain and itching, and they will help movement if scar tissue prevents it, but they can’t get rid of it completely.

But it should look much better

How successful the treatment depends on the skill of the dermatologist. Look for someone with specialist knowledge of skin and preferably a healthy dose of experience.

Do not trust anyone who does not request a consultation in advance

The dermatologist needs to know about you in advance. They need to consider your skin type, what medicines you regularly take, whether you smoke and if you get cold sores. This is not to be done in the five minutes after you arrive and before you start.

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A good dermatologist will treat before, during and after

This might be as simple as advising you to increase your vitamin E level or stop smoking before the surgery. They will also warn you that you may need more than one treatment depending on your scar.

The main message though, with the proper preparation there is no reason why laser treatment can’t be really successful.