Benefits of using an Open MRI

If your doctor orders an MRI, choose an imaging facility offering the open MRI rather than the traditional imaging style. Advantages of using the open MRI are plentiful and certainly alleviate some of the worry you might endure with the need for the procedure. Some of the benefits of using an open MRI when visiting the local diagnostic imaging center in Flushing NY  are listed below.

Decrease Claustrophobia

If you are claustrophobic, the thought of being placed inside of a closed machine can be frightening. Luckily, you can alleviate that worry with the use of an open MRI for your procedure.

Best Body Positioning

Proper positioning is critical to producing the right images. When an open MRI is used, the capabilities of providing imaging from various areas of the body is improved. This includes areas of the body that traditional MRI imaging couldn’t find.

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Better Imaging

Since the open MRI provides a larger interface of imaging area, it offers a broader range of uses and can detect abnormalities that the traditional MRI cannot. Thus, your health is always in good hands.

Improved Comfort

Comfort during an MRI is of the greatest importance. The closed MRI option is scary for many people and certainly affects comfort in many different ways. Opting to use the open MRI provides enhanced comfort during the procedure.

Latest Technology

The open MRI is perfect to suit many different needs. It provides patients with the latest most up-to-date technology that keeps them healthy and in the know, no matter what type of concerns you face. That is the peace of mind that you need and deserve.

An open MRI can help a doctor get a better image in order to make a better decision concerning your health. The benefits above are just a handful of the many that come with the use of this procedure.